Woodworking Center

The WVWTC Woodworking Center features more than 30 pieces of woodworking machinery and equipment. This equipment is available for training and rental. The center offers technical advice and monthly skill-set seminars. Training classes can be customized to suit your individual needs. Equipment includes:

  • Chop, rip, band and panel saws
  • Grinder
  • Planer
  • Sander
  • Glue wheel
  • Line and hinge boring
  • V-Carve Pro
  • TurboCAD/CAM and BobCAD/CAM
  • CNC router and template maker
  • CorelDraw/Epilog laser engraving

Equipment Rental

Equipment rental require a minimum $5 for machine time and minimum $5 operator fee, if needed. 

Equipment Rental Fee/Hour**
Chop Saw $25
Grinder $25
Moulder $40
Planer $25
Ripsaw $25
Sander $25
Glue Wheel $25
Band Saw $25
Forklift & Operator $45
Operator $25
CNC $30
Laser (new & old) $30
Panel Saw $25
Line Boring $25
Hinge Boring $25
CNC Template Maker $30

Central West Virginia Woodworkers Cooperative

Over ten years ago, the Central West Virginia Woodworkers Cooperative (CWVWC) established the Woodworking Cooperative to support existing local businesses as well as hobbyist and to spur the growth of entrepreneurship in the wood products industry.  Today, the Woodworkers Cooperative boasts a strong following with excellent benefits to members. 
For a small monthly fee, CWVWC members receive:
  • Use of over 30 woodworking machines
  • Free monthly skill-set seminars
  • Free technical advice from WVWTC staff
  • Discounts on all WVWTC classes

Membership in the Woodworkers Cooperative is open to businesses and hobbyists alike. Contact us today if you are interested in participating in the CWVWC.